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Crafting Guide

Grace of Silbadu 1x Leaf of Silbadu + 1x Seed of Silbadu + 1x Canon + 2x Grace Ingredient + 2 Billion Wz
Grace Ingredient 5x Sargis + 2 Billion Wz
Upgrade Heart 6x Upgrade Gem
Stone Of Hope 6x Gem of Hope
Shue Rice 2x Upgrade Heart + 2x Stone of Hope + 1 Billion Wz
Mark of Rubal Method 1 = 2x Monster Spirit
Method 2 = 1x Snow C + 1x Star A + 1x Ribbon S + 1x Tree H
Grenita Concept Grenita Keys = 6x Grenita Bags
Grenita Card = 6x Grenita Keys
Leaf Of Silbadu = 6x Grenita Card
Seed Of Silbadu = 5x Leaf + 1 Billion Wz
Canon = 1x Leaf + 1x Seed + 3x Grenita Card + 1x Sargis
Bell R 6x 4-Bill Gold Bar
Bead S 2x Kardion Crystal + 2x Shuteburr Crystal + 2x Syldinon Crystal
Cane I 2x Grace of Silbadu + 2x Rubal's Canon + 2x Grace Ingredient
Silbadu's Soul 2x Bell R + 2x Cane I + 2x Bead S
G9 Unique Weapon 1x DTU + 1x DTE + 1x 8.5 Unique Weapon + 1x Silbadu's Soul + 2x Kardion Crystal
Joy 1x Cane I + 1x Bead S + 1x Rubal's Canon + 2x Grace Ingredient
Colouing (Critical Hit Evasion) 1x Joy + 1x Refresh + 1x Blessed + 1x Bead S
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